Dr. Schüler Management & Consulting GmbH

Founded in Mülheim at the “Uhlenhorst” (old German word meaning “nest of an owl”), Dr. Schüler Management & Consulting GmbH has the guiding principle of the flying owl:
  • The owl has a sharp eye and an excellent ear
  • The owl is a perfect observer
  • The owl is a symbol of wisdom
We offer these qualities when it comes to successfully accompanying companies through critical phases and to designing efficient processes!
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Our offer with focus on the CFO sector

  • If you have a vacancy to bridge
  • If you need external expertise
  • If you are temporarily looking for an experienced manager with a broad background in all commercial matters
  • If your capacity to implement your project goals is insufficient
  • If you want to harmonize internal processes –
then contact us! All customer projects are personally performed by our Managing Director Thorsten Schüler!